FUCK WHAT EVERYONE THINKS, YOU HAVE NO ONE TO PLEASE BUT YOURSELF; im chaney. living in alberta, canada/ french n english speaker. i love lord of the rings n disney, food, netflix........twitter: @itsccchaney
selfie time saucer eyes
nye etc
my fat little skinny pig.
this was taken over two years ago, near three. crazy.
this was the second tattoo i ever got, 
off to werk n feeling vain xxxxx
dude i am so baked
make up for my three halloween costumes this year. tinkerbell, cat n a vegas showgirl.
we’re cute
kay (my roommate), me and morgs.
awe, this was like three years ago. awe, i was so pretty and look at how long my hair was. what happened..
working the bar at burning man, HAIR OF THE DOG (HOTD) 4LYF