FUCK WHAT EVERYONE THINKS, YOU HAVE NO ONE TO PLEASE BUT YOURSELF; im chaney. living in alberta, canada/ french n english speaker. i love lord of the rings n disney, food, netflix........twitter: @itsccchaney
my babe.
me n the little one. 
duck face all around.
other wee baby i miss. ( not as much though )
i miss my baby.

just talking to my moms boyfriend, our dog used to always break into his vegetable patch. i just asked if she’d been in it recently, ahah omg. his reply was ‘nah, i reinforced her pen, she’d need a hacksaw to get through. but she can’t use a hacksaw because she’s a dog.’ 

ahahaha beaut. 

my baby.
there isn’t enough words to describe how much im gonna miss my baby. makes me so sad that i have to leave her, i wish with all my heart that i could take her with me.
no ojojojoj. casey is so cute, she just sits down and rests her head and watches the chicks. she just rubs it and licks it. its so cute. whenever the chick cheeps, just jumps back. its very cute how curious she is.
one of my favorite things in the world is my puppy, casey. ( i call all dogs puppies ) she thinks she’s smaller than she really is. you can see this here because she’s attempting to curl up on my lap. seeing it, is quite funny because im only 4’8 and she’s tryna snuggle on my lap.she sleeps with me in my bed everynight, takes up most of the bed….fat bitch…..
awe, i love her. she’s the dog version of me, dumb, licks walls and pillows and chases after flies trying to eat them. ahahha. both rtards but cute is a ‘ahahah, you’re retarded way’.
my baby.

my chocolate lab is a pedigree n i was just looking at her papers. and just the name that people give their dogs, just retarded. like casey, ( my dog ) her real name is ‘stacey’s something else’, her mom and dad go by the names of ‘drumtochty jacobite’ and ‘lady on the move’.

her grandparents, ‘blackskull dark sensation’, ‘sir dante’, ‘tillicoultry queen of drumtochty’ n ‘otterbrook howie rolo’.

who the fuck comes up with these names ?!?!

my big chocolate love muffin. casey. such a wee babe. 
casey, my big chocolate love muffin is back to stay. oh, how i missed her. such a big lump. cutie.
myah, the black n white jack russel pup.
so cute but a demon sent from satan himself. fucking eats everything. including three pairs of my goddamn shoes.